Tiered Racks for Extended Cooking Space
When you are cooking several different foods at once or when preparing meals for a large crowd, our assortment of multi-level grids increases the amount of cooking space in your EGG.

3 Level Cooking Grid for Large EGG
The top levels of the rack rotate and are adjustable to multiple levels. Disassembles to fit in the dishwasher and for easy storage – 3TIER

2 Level Cooking Grid for the XLarge EGG
Chrome-plated steel base with a porcelain coated grid – 2TIERXL

Folding Grill Extender
Easily attaches to your cooking grid to add a second level of cooking surface in your EGG. The grid folds up to allow for larger dishes, such as roasts or whole chickens and conveniently folds flat for storage. Fits the XXLarge, XLarge and Large EGGs – GX
tiered racks


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